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The Art of Probing and Questioning

Alfred Netto

Alfred, the founder and director of The Wolf Trainer, approaches every situation and interaction as an opportunity for listening and storytelling. He is also a published author of the book "Habitude," available in major bookstores in Malaysia. Alfred's expertise as one of the youngest coaches in Malaysia to be an Associate Certified Coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) has earned him a strong reputation.

With a specialization in helping organizations drive behavioral change in their employees, Alfred is highly skilled in fostering self-awareness, focus, discipline, and action. He possesses extensive knowledge of various coaching approaches and has a proven track record of delivering desired outcomes for his clients.

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Sim Bock San

With over 28 years of experience in HR consulting and training, Sim has provided services to global and local conglomerates, including some of the top Fortune 500 companies. His areas of expertise encompass Talent Selection, Leadership Development, and Performance Management.

Sim is a co-author of Performance Management: A Study Of Current And Future Practices In Malaysia - Looking Ahead (2001). In recognition of his service, he was awarded the Consultant of the Year Award (Asian Operations) by Development Dimensions International.

He specializes in Competency-Based Interviewing, Performance Management, and Crucial Conversations training.

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Eric Amaladas

Eric is a trained counsellor, business and life coach with over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering leadership development programs both nationally and internationally. He has a proven track record of success in enabling a culture of dialogue for organizational and social change through seminars and group facilitation.

Eric is known for his natural ability to build relationships and empower others to support positive change. He specializes in the Psychology of People Management, Coaching and Counselling Skills, and Resilience in the Workplace. His expertise in these areas makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve their leadership development programs and create a more positive and productive work environment.

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Rueben Chen

Reuben is a highly qualified and experienced trainer with a passion for unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations. With a Masters in International Hospitality Management and a certification as a Certified Hospitality Trainer from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, Reuben has over 15 years of combined experience in both the industry and institute of higher education.

Reuben firmly believes that everyone has unique strengths and talents that can contribute to the success of an organization and society at large. His training approach encourages creative thinking and innovation, pushing boundaries to achieve differentiation that leads to success.

His areas of specialisation are Design Thinking and Customer Service.

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Helena Michael

Helena holds a Master’s Degree of Applied Psychology in Coaching and is a certified professional coach. She is also a certified Motivation Factor Practitioner and a Certified Virtual Learning Facilitator.

Helena uses a variety of strategies to engage teams, embrace change, lead more effectively, foster positivity, and improve performance. She provides insights on how to attract and nurture relationships by communicating effectively and on deeper levels.

Her areas of specialisation are Conflict Resolution, Client Interaction, Emotional Intelligence, Critical and Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

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Marilyn Yim

Marilyn is a certified as a Coach and Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),

Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy, and also certified as a Life Orientations (LIFO) Trainer.

Having co-authored the book The Little Black Heart, Marilyn has, in the past 12 years, trained employees both in Malaysia and in cities globally including Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Vietnam, India and Australia.

Her areas of specialisation are Retail Sales, Service Excellence, Structured Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Self-Leadership.

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Eric Lau

Eric Lau is the founder and CEO of Leadership Edge, a leadership development organisation that specialises in empowering and maximising the impact of leaders in driving business goals.

He regularly leads training, coaching and consulting initiatives in the areas of leadership and management for Fortune 500 MNCs and Malaysian Government-linked Companies (GLC) like Petronas, Perodua, Malakoff, Air Selangor, Philips, and more.

His areas of specialisation are Leadership, Management, Communications and Human Relations.

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Sindra Arumugam

Sindra, who has over 20 years’ training & corporate experience, holds a degree in International Business from University of Wales London, majoring in Human Resource Management.

She has vast experience in the automotive, financial services, business process outsourcing as well as consulting industries.Sindra’s training scope covers team and leadership development. She’s an ICF-certified Professional Coach (ACC), Coloured Brain facilitator as well as a Character-Building Trainer and Coach under KMB Edu.

Her areas of specialisation are People Development & Transformation, Leadership, Customer Service and Operational Efficiency.

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Patrick Ooi

Patrick is an internationally certified trainer specialising in sales, delivering impactful presentations and mindset breakthroughs.

NLP (NF) Practitioner, IR4RWD(IR4.0) Foundation Endorse by MPC, IR4RWD (IR4.0) Train the Trainer Foundation Endorse by MPC, MWS International Licensed Trainer, IBM Design Thinking Practitioner, IBM Critical Thinking Certified, Discipline Agile Scrum Master.

His areas of specialisation are Sales, Leadership, and Critical Thinking.

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Jason Fung

Jason has trained and coached more than 10,000 people till today and have been working with various companies, organisations and start-ups through trainings, simulations and coaching many different countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia).

Certified Neuro-Linguistics-Programming Practitioner, U.S.A, Certified flowprofiler® Interpreter, Certified HRDCorp, Train the Trainer, 1x TEDx Speaker, Successful People in Malaysia, Britishpedia 2021.

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Kamalruzaman Ramlee

Kamalruzaman Ramlee is a highly qualified professional with a BSc. (Hons) in Social Science (Economics) from the University of Bradford, UK. He has established himself as a seasoned Certified Business Consultant, holding accreditation from the Association of Certified Business Consultants Malaysia (ACBC).

He is a recognized expert in the field of training and development, boasting a range of certifications that include Certified Trainer for the PSMB TTT Certification Program, Certified PSMB Trainer, and Certified PSMB TNA Consultant for SMEs. His journey in the world of professional development began in 2011, and since then, he has consistently demonstrated his expertise in conducting Trainer Development Certification courses.

His area of specialization is in training design, delivery, and assessment. His extensive experience and dedication to enhancing the capabilities of trainers make him an invaluable asset in the realm of professional development and consulting.

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People with an achiever theme are like unstoppable forces! They have boundless energy and a strong drive to work hard. What really fuels them is achieving something concrete every day. It's not just a preference; it's a need for them. They find immense joy and satisfaction in ticking off tasks and reaching their goals. They're the kind of people who need to see results to feel really good about themselves. Their day isn't complete until they've accomplished something tangible.

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Dr George Lee

Dr. George Lee, a dynamic keynote speaker with a background in healthcare and business strategy. Dr. George shares inspiring stories of resilience, adversity and personal development. Drawing on his experience as a physician and business leader, he offers practical guidance on how to overcome personal and professional obstacle, develop successful strategic plans, and mentor the next generation of leaders. Through engaging storytelling and messages of empowerment, Dr. George inspires audiences to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. Don't miss his must-see presentations for healthcare providers and corporate leaders alike.

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Shan Ting

Shan Ting is a dynamic and results-driven business leader with a proven track record of driving growth and transforming organizations. As the former CEO of Dominos Malaysia, Singapore & Cambodia, he successfully navigated complex industry challenges and shifting consumer trends to grow the business into a region powerhouse.

With a deep understanding of the importance of creating a culture of innovation, adaptability and resilience, Shan Ting knows how to empower teams to embrace change and drive progress. His expertise in change management, leadership development and strategic planing has made him a sought after speaker and consultant for businesses of all sizes.

As a keynote speaker, Shan Ting’s presentation are engaging, inspiring and practical. He draws on real-world examples and case studies to illustrate the power of effective change management and he shares his strategies for building a culture of innovation, fostering strategic planning and developing strong leaders.

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David Lai

David Lai is a world renowned mentalist who promotes mentalism, a subdivision of magic dealing with the human mind.

Metal bending, mind reading, hypnotic persuasion, and telekinesis demonstrations are his forte. He’s an entertainer and uses magic as his means to entertain.

With his engaging performance and ability to pull out mind blowing magic tricks at large corporate events, celebrities, parties, he is now a producer and director of Superstars of Magic show in Malaysia for the 4th time and counting shows how much confidence people have in him.

David has won many accolades, among others, RHB Best Performer Award in 2014, the recipient of the Prestige Top 40 under 40 in 2013, Merlin Award, and Malaysia Young Achievement Award in 2012.

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Professor Dr. Ong Kian-Ming

"To add value to and make meaningful connections with the people I meet and work with."

Professor Dr. Ong Kian-Ming, the person behind the exciting Philosophy Politics & Economics program and the head of the Digital Economy and Business Transformation Impact Lab at Taylor’s University in Malaysia.

He’s not just an academic; Dr. Ong is also a Senior Visiting Senior Fellow at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute until September 2023. He’s a valuable Senior Adviser to Global Counsel, a global advisory firm.

In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), a role he took on in August 2023 for two years. But before all this, he was an elected Member of Parliament in Malaysia, representing the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

Dr. Ong holds impressive degrees in Political Science, Economics, and Economics from universities like Duke, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. He taught at UCSI University, researched at various institutes, and even worked as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Kuala Lumpur.

Starting as an ASEAN Scholar in Singapore, he pursued his education at Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College. He began his journey in La Salle Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Dr. Ong enjoys jogging, watching movies, and listening to podcasts. He’s not just an accomplished professional; he’s also a fascinating individual with diverse interests!

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